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Marc Love

Software Engineering | Applied ML | Product | Technical Leadership

| applied ml

Bringing AI Functions to the Llama Family

I’ve just released a dataset and 7B chat model to bring OpenAI-style AI functions to open source LLMs and the quasi-open Llama family of LLMs. I’ve set up a HuggingFace Space for people to try it out. I’ve been working on this project since Llama-2 was released roughly 2 weeks ago. I’ve been experimenting with utilizing AI functions to help structure reasoning and control flow in autonomous and quasi-autonomous agents over the last few months and I thought it would be interesting to see how much of that functionality I could bring to smaller models that were more open and commercially-flexible than OpenAI’s proprietary API.

| technical leadership

Managing Engineers Through Seniority

I was having a conversation with a colleague recently. Their report sought guidance on securing promotion to senior, and they were struggling to provide that guidance in a way that felt satisfying to the report.

| software engineering, technical leadership

Engineering Values

The engineering leadership team at Carbon Five has embarked on an effort to improve our leveling criteria and bring consistency to hiring and promotion criteria across offices. As an initial step, we decided to articulate to staff internally, candidates externally, and to our current and potential future clients what our values are as an engineering organization.